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NitroCup is a smooth new way to enjoy coffee. Our slow-brewed blend of locally roasted coffee delivers the boost you need without the harsh bite of your typical cup. Now you can drink the smoothest coffee as soon as it’s in your hands. No need to add all the bells and whistles. We promise you’ll like it just the way it is.

It's coffee, enhanced.

We aim to deliver a superior experience, by combining the strong, bold flavors of cold brew coffee with the thick, silky mouthfeel of a nitro stout, poured fresh from the tap every time. NitroCup is always appropriate, always refreshing, and just plain cool.

Cold-brewed for smoothness, served fresh on tap, with no sugary additives. We'll pour you one!


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NitroCup’s greatest quality is that it can fit in anywhere. Whether you want to grab a cup early on your way to work, or you need a nightcap at the bar--NitroCup is an option.

We’ve been to parties, weddings, conferences, rallies, conventions, christenings, you name it. If you need us there, we’ll keep you up.


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Interested in getting involved? Want to partner with us, co-promote or even ride the bike? Schedule us to be at your event or even bring a keg to your office party! Get in touch!

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